Lots of high end car audio equipment for sale at good prices


Slow on DR, fast on RKC
JL Audio XD700/5 amplifier
75x4 & 300x1 5-channel class D amplifier
Super small, light, efficient and powerful
This amp is new in the box, never opened. I was going to put it in the Impala and decided against audio in that car.
New price is $550

JL Audio HD600/4 amplifier
150x4 4-channel class D amplifier
I had this in the Corvette, it has a small scuff on the top but it's in perfect working condition, in the original box
New price is $800

Boston Acoustics Z6 speakers
6.5" 2-way component speakers (6.5" midbass drivers, tweeters & crossovers)
These were Boston's top of the line speakers and sound incredible
I had these in my last Cadillac, so they have been installed but I still have the original boxes and they are complete and working perfectly
New price was $1200 per pair
I have 2 pairs of these
$350 per pair
$600 for both pairs

Focal 165KRX2 speakers
6.5" 2-way component speakers (6.5" midbass drivers, tweeters & crossovers)
Focal's high end version of their high end speakers
These were in the Corvette and are in perfect condition, in their original box
New price is $1200

JL Audio C6 Corvette Stealthbox
Fits C6 Corvettes, goes in the storage pocket in the left rear of the car, still allows the removable top to be stored in the rear of the car
This box sounds really good and surprisingly good for a single 10" driver
I replaced the crappy 10W1 sub with an Excelon sub that handles more power (I tried 4 different subs before I settled on this one)
New price is $650

Kenwood Excelon KFCXW1000F 10" shallow subwoofer
New in the box, I took it out and mounted it in an enclosure to see how a single 10" would sound in my old Cadillac then boxed it back up. This is the same sub that's in the C6 Stealthbox and I have been very happy with it in the Corvette. This is a separate sub, I had 2 of them and used 1 in the Stealthbox and have this one available also.
New price is $180


Slow on DR, fast on RKC
XD700/5 is sold

1 pair of Z6 is sold

165KRX2 are sold

Stealthbox is pending sale


Slow on DR, fast on RKC
Still have the HD600/4, one pair of Z6, the sub and the Stealthbox hasn't been paid for yet so it's still for sale until I see $


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I have an employee who just bought a new truck and it looks like I'm going to buy his nearly new unit he took out of his truck. If it falls through I'll be in to see you.