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Hey guys, I'm working hard behind the scenes for Ricekiller. I've been pretty busy the last year since I originally started working on the Forums with Shawn (SuperCobaltSS). We got a lot done, but it was never quite finished and other factors kept the new RKC site at bay. However, as busy as I am I can't stand to drag it out much longer and I've began working on the new Ricekiller website/forums once again.

I need beta testers. I need a handful of people that are willing to take the time to log into the site (separate from active forum posts etc.) and thumb through pages/features that they commonly use and give me a report on features that aren't working properly or can be improved.

This is the fastest way to debug and improve the new site so that it will be ready for launch. I'm looking for active members... I may not choose everyone that offers because I'm only looking for a handful of people here.

So who's up for it? I need your name, phone number, and email. Please don't post your number here in the open forum though, send me a private message with that info.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to big things in 2013!


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Yep back in 13 it was round the end of June, as I remember rightly, was promise in the air then.....


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nah, perhaps oddly, i dont think i ever saw this before

oh dear

but hey, ..., how are things?


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I have noticed a general downward trend over the course of my lifetime, the luddites and no nothings joining forces to slow the progress of technology and the advancement of mankind. The eroding of freedom and individualism into socialist anonimity the remaking of the world into a dreary ant hill.

Case in point in the 50's and 60's we thought we would have a moon colony well established by 2001 and on Mars by now.

Instead regulation by regulation law by law inch at a time we are turning this country into the Soviet Union and the World as a whole, all,the worse predictions of the 60's are slowly coming true.
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