Lightning S/C question?


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Curious what it takes to fit the Lightning blower to a '01 Mustang GT?

Internet is spotty, or my searching is. But from what I'm gathering it's not plug and play. Either need a spacer/adapter and TVS lower on a custom lower.

I only ask because my coworker has the Mustang and I picked up a blower for nothing.
He's been talking like he wants to do something to the car, on a HS budget. So I figure I'd get the ball rolling for him with boost.


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So it's too much for a HS kid to stomach putting this on his Mustang.

What do I do to fit it to the Focus? :p


Just looking at what map I can find, looks like if I keep rotor speed low; almost feasible, custom parts aside.

hmmm, boosted high compression Focus that you can't hear a blower whine. I may have to look into this more.


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i dont think it will fit without alot of modification due to the lightning being a 5.4l vs the Gt being a 4.6 ive seen a few lighting blowers on ebay for 300-500 bucks