Lets see who owns what kind of dodge


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It's in Ohio right now, something got into the gas tank so it's not running. It's a great car, numbers matching ...so definitely a keeper :) Someday it'll make it down here, once i live in an appropriate place with a garage. :)


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Another thing you could do is get higher profile tires, it will still look good and fill up your wheel wells alot better.


Yea I think imma get a little bigger after these, but im dropping it so I wanted to make sure I didn't go too big and be rubbing after I drop it


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04 srt-4 from NJ here. and no, our cars are not sleepers at all i mean you can blow traction the day you take it off the lot lol


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My Plymouth GTX

This is my 1969 Plymouth GTX 440 4 speed. It's all original, Number's Matching. It's 1 of 167 produced. It may be old, but runs like a boss!