let my junk could be your treasure

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serious attitude problem
i have 2 heavily used used items for sale..the first is a completely trashed out scooter(a skate board with a small engine) the scooter itself it completely worthless,parts missing, or tore up beyond repair. you could buy what you need to get it back together, but you could buy a new one for less...the engine itself seems to be ok, has good compression, but havent tried to start it due to the shape of the scooter,ive been afraid that something might let go and cut my feet off

next item i was scammed into is a small jap style mini bike, its actually worse than the scooter..it has the appearance that evil knevil perhaps used it once in a jump, this may actually be a piece of history, but i doubt it. im pretty sure this was thrown out and someone dug it out of a dumpster or took it from the city dump.
cant really check to see if the engine is any good since i didnt get a key and i think small animals have moved in through the spark plug hole that has been left open for who knows how long. if it suppose to have it to make it run,rest assure, its probably missing. i think it could have been used in a crash up derby at some point due to how bad the forks are bent. again, the only real value here is possibly the engine and the rest could bring you real happiness when you get that pocket full of money from the scrap yard that wont even replace the gas it takes to get there.

i recieved these awesome pieces of crap from a scam i was recently involved in, i was paid with these wonderful items for powdercoating a set of wheels black to match a guys car,and mount and balance his tires, and work until 4a.m. to take care of him,which now that car is for sale
seeing how these aren't worth the time i just put into typing this ad, i figure someone could use some of the parts for something other than their original use
im leaving price completly open to donation to the " this is what i get for thinking some people are trust worthy" account that i have started for myself

dont post if you have no interest in buying, no off topic comments are welcome and i will have them deleted.
if your local, feel free to come on by and take a look at how bad i was taken advantage of and munipulated in beliving i was getting something worth keeping

i am willing to ship these items as far away from my house as possible, for those of you that dont live in the dallas area

thanks for showing interest
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