I wrote a book about LS swaps!


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Personal curiosity,

How does a guy go about this?
Did you have to do the book layout and such?
What kind of money do you get? (flat rate or royalty?)

pm's fine with me.

And you didn't tell us this is your second book (first on your own though it looks like).

First book --> http://www.amazon.com/dp/1934709506/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20

Yep! That's my second book technically. The first one I wrote with Myron over at TPIS because he wasn't able to finish it the way he wanted, so I translated shit tons of years worth of data in his head onto paper.

They found me initially through my writing for mags and what not. They do the editing and page layout. I pretty much do the rest, photos/writing/research...everything.

Honestly, the money isn't great and you won't make much doing it. I still have my day job if that makes a difference ;)
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cool. now you need to write one on ls swaps for rx7's...

if another b13 goes out in either one of my fd's, an ls(?) or 2jz is going in.