Hey Fort Wayne...Do you prefer syrup or jelly?

i hate ur face

so much...
Where is everybody?

Hello...?? (echo:Hello...Hello...hello...hello)

Whatever happened to the Ricekiller trackday?

Who's goin to see Eclipse on May 30th?
I've already got my tickets.
Shit...I got three tickets so I could lay across three seats and be comfortable in my snuggie.
I got the leopard....Don't hate.

i hate ur face

so much...
Remember me?


What: A day of street car quarter-mile drag racing, complete with classes and tough competition. Classes will break out the vehicles for the best racing scenarios. Racers will compete for a total purse of $3,000!

Where: O’Reilly Raceway Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

When: Saturday, July 3, 2010 – Tech In at 9:00 AM EDT – Racing starts at 10:00 AM EDT.


Racers: $40.00 before the event, $50.00 day of the event. Drivers that register before June 1st will receive a FREE racers T-shirt.
Spectators: $8.00, Children 12 and under are free

Who: Anyone who wants to come out and see what their car can do, for friendly competition, or just to get a personal best time. Everyone is invited and is encouraged to invite their friends.



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i dropped a transmission out of a rwd car for the first time today.....all i have to say is fuck evos and subarus.

slowr w/o blowr

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We need to get Indiana going again. It's been way to quiet.
Drift event practice at Grissom AFB this Saturday. Anybody got the balls to do this with me?
I've got 2 sets of rear tires to burn off. Sunday is autoX day at same location, just in case you might be interested,