Here's another RC


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This one is mine. I finished building this about 2 months ago. I spent right around 5 months putting it together.

Its a Savage XL with an LRP .30 engine.
Well, almost an XL, only thing it doesnt have is the wide axle set.

This is a torque monster.



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Yeah, i'll have to agree with you.
it is pretty bad ass.

Ive been into the r/c hobby since i was 12 or 13 years old. Been around the Traxxas brand most of those years. Use to be pretty competitive with racing a Revo a few years back.

This Savage is by far the meanest, biggest quickest and fastest truck ive put together yet.

ive been into boats, and planes. Currently running trucks and flying Heli's.
Going to start gathering parts for a boat build starting next week.


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Same deal with me.

Im getting back into boats, going to hang around the Heli's for a bit more longer though.


Wanna Race?
I still have mine. its been a couple months since i ran it though. maybe ill charge it up today