Havent posted in a while. Heres the S14 as of late


formerly Sittinslidewayz
Last time i posted i was on my bottom mount baby turbo set up.

I upgraded. :thumbsup:

This was it at the beginning of the year. Got boring really quick. 307whp at 14psi. 250wtq @3500rpm Had great response and all but just wasn't fast enough for me.

Then i sold that whole set up and bought a top mount T3 GT3071 set up with a peakboost manifold, v-band downpipe/elbow, for a steal of a price!

I mocked it up and said nah. This turbo barely flows more CFM compared to my 2871. Thats when I set my sights on a GTX3076 .82 A/R. Man am I glad i did that!

After a few months of being patient with funds. Finally got all the piping finished. V-Band intake and exhaust on the turbo. Stainless steel ON3 performance filter. Redhorse fittings, greddy fittings, PTP turbo blanket and more.

This is how she is now. Im ditching that catch can and routing the PCV the way it should be within the next few weeks.

It was street tuned at 20psi on 91 octane. Just basic tune and its in the ballpark of 450whp. My fresh Comp stage 4 clutch thats rated at 500+ is starting to slip and I havent even beat on it from digs yet. Just rolls and a burnout or two.

The valve cover was hydro-dipped at Hydrographics HQ in Waco, TX. They did great work, however they didnt use strong enough clear coat. It can handle the heat but not the 7 pounds of pressure the bolts put on it. It cured for 2 weeks and still the soft padding beneath the washers cracked and chipped the clear. Luckily there is a lifetime warranty and they are redoing it for free :)

Next up on the list of mods is a Z32 trany swap with a Comp or OS Giken twin plate and E-85. Shooting for a subtle 650whp on corn and 400whp on pump.