Greetings from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!


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Hey all!

I wish I could say that we're immune to rice up here in the great white north but as the above to videos show that's just not the case unfortunately. I find myself avoiding shows and meets for the very same reasons this site was created. Making it worse is my choice of platform, not exactly a tuners dream but I've managed some great results without swapping or utilizing forced induction, but of course because I have a loud exhaust note people assume rice (although real car enthusiasts can tell the difference), it's very irritating as well as frustrating to have to watch guys who throw fart cans or Canadian Tire mods (store up here that is a ricers paradise) try and lump me into that same crowd but I digress.

I have a film Bg and I'm planning on shooting a Ricer documentary, I'm going to try and make it to the US at some point but it will mostly focus on the rice scene here. In any event it's good to see other people share my anti-rice sentiment because I'm sick of being treated like one of them due to ignorance. :mad: I hope this movement begins to spread up here and I will do my best to make it happen. ;)

Cheers. :here2u: