gotta sell my baby


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some of u know me some of u dont.. i have to sell my baby due to my truck takin a shit and i now need a new daily driver. its more of a necessity than a bike so here it is.. ill get some pix if needed..

2007 gsxr 1000 RARE black/orange color scheme
4800 miles,
2 bad spots on the bike right fairing, and scratch on right can
i have a brand new replacement fairing

for those that know me please explain to others this is a very clean bike
ive ridden it 4 times and the previous owner was a 79 yr old man..
bike still under warranty

i paid 8800 for the bike plus 800 TTL plus 200 for a new fairing
im willing to let it go for 9k.. IM NOT MAKIN A DIME OFF THIS THING.

please spread the word around i need this bike gone by the weekend.. i have to get a daily driver so i can get to work and be with my daughter.. so that being said.. i hope she finds a very good home..

thx for ur time

Rob AKA loopy