Got me another car 99 HOSS


Did It For The Lulz
Picked the car up Sept 27, She has 166xxx miles, she is straight as can be! Was COMPLETELY STOCK when i got her so far i have done this.

New Fluids in everything
Shorty antenna
QA1 Coilovers/Spring
BMR Rear 1.25 Drop Springs
Painted Berger Panal
Painted Wheels
MSD Wires/ TR55 Plugs
Muffler Delete "for now" Didn't care for the SLP center mount.


The Day I got her!

Mods Start!

Repaired mirror that was oxidizing...

The day after.

Washed and Good pics.

After the suspension was done!



Did It For The Lulz
I cut it off yesterday....just dumped it after the axle for now until i do full exhaust i couldnt stand the center.


Random Kid
Ehhh I thought about buying an ls1 camaro but 140k miles kind of turned me away, how is yours with the 166k?


Did It For The Lulz
It's great, did springs struts new fluids, and need some bushings otwrwize car is straight and she's still got it! My old c5 had 181k and sld her with 197k still ran great!