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i know im gonna get some grief from some guys here but im new here and here i go. i just got a 87 chrysler conquest tsi with a 88 ford 5.0 intercooled turbo. im having issues with the starter. it isnt cathing the flywheel all the way. it will start after it grinds bout 5 trys. ive heard that that year 5.0 mustang engines had flywheel issues. anyone know that to be true? always been a chevy guy{this is the grief part} but the car is bad ass and couldnt pass it up. guess im a convert. thanks for any responses


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It's ether teeth on flywheel or teeth on starter unless the starter isn't bolted on all the way


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^ Probably not shimed properly or wrong starter. Pull it and look at the wear pattern on the flywheel and starter drive gear.


theres no inspection plate on tranny so i can see the flywheel n i dont see any teeth missing or tore up so im gonna check the starter i guess. had someone tellin me before it was common problem with the flywheels so just thought id see if anyone else had heard that. thanx

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:lol: there's no shimming a 5.0 starter. You bolt it on and go. It's not like a Chevy.