FS: 2008 K20A Type R Honda Fit - Full Race Car (Street Legal)


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Guys, the time has come for me to move on. Between work and life, I don't get to track as often as I would like and hanging on to my Fit is not practical and it's like keeping a lion caged. My Fit is Street legal, and yes, you can DD it. I did this intentionally so I can always enjoy it and not just a few days a year. My Fit was built right, nothing was rushed, everything works as intended and its my pride and joy. I bought this car brand new and I am the 1 and only owner. This car was recently shot by Honda-Tuning magazine and will be published in the next month or so. The value of my car is $13,000 as if it was stock. Everyone knows this swap costs about $10,000 just to get the engine in the car with everything being oem stock parts. Most of my parts are aftermarket (the ones that count) in addition to a ton of custom work and modifications (see detailed list below.) Also, the long build threads are located below, please view the most recent post for updated pictures and specs.

Serious buyers only please! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I will reply asap.

$16,500 obo Feel free to make me an offer. I am very reasonable.

-JDM K20A Type R (DC5 Type R)
-Brian Crower Valve Springs & Retainers
-NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs
-Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
-Hasport 07-08 Fit K-Series Engine Mount Bracket Kit
-Hasport K-series Axles Honda Fit
-K-Tuned Idle Air Assist Delete
-Innovative/ Hybrid-Racing Billet Fit 85A Race Mount Kit
-Chasebays Custom Engine and Charge Harness
-Hybrid-Racing 70mm Throttle body
-Custom PRB Intake manifold port matched to 70mm
-Acura RDX 410 Injectors
-Hondata PRB KPro III
-RacePak Data Systems IQ3 RacePak
-RacePak Data Systems IQ3 to Hondata Interface V-Net cable
-EP3 Accelerator Pedal Assy
-EP3 Throttle Cable
-Hybrid Racing Autotensioning AC and power steering removal kit
-Hybrid-Racing Fuel Rail
-Hybrid-Racing (Russell) Fuel Pressure Gauge
-Hybrid-Racing Shifter Box
-Hybrid-Racing Shifter Cables
-Hybrid-Racing Cold Air Intake
-Hybrid Racing Breather Fiters
-Hybrid-Racing returnless fuel line kit
-Hybrid-Racing 1600CFM Electric Slim Fans
-BOSCH wide band O2 Sensor
-K-Tuned Thermostat Housing
-K-Tuned Upper Coolant Neck
-K-Tuned Coolant Hoses
-Password JDM Spark Plug Cover
-ClutchNet Stage 6 Racing E-Z Lock Sprung Hub Clutch Disc
-ClutchNet Stage 2 Pressure Plate
-Hasport Custom K20A to Honda Fit 3" Header
-Texas Chassis Works Custom Header back Burns SS 3" exhaust
-HushPower DBX 3" In/Out Muffler
-Van Meter Fabrications Hybrid-Racing Shifter to Honda Fit Box Assy
-Van Meter Fabrications Honda Fit Drive by cable conversion kit
-Van Meter Fabrications Radiator relocation kit
-Forged Racing Dual Core Aluminum Radiator
-Acura Integra GSR Modified Radiator Hoses
-Completely Gutted
-Removed the ABS system
-Removed every airbag and all airbag sensors and air bag inflation cartridges and all other unnecessary/ unwanted wiring
-949 Racing 6ul wheels, 15 X 8 et+36 rear and 15 X 9 et+36 front
-Nitto NT-01 225/45/15 front, Nitto NT-01 205/50/15 rear
-FastBrakes 2000 Acura Integra Type R all around brake conversion (12" rotors)
-FastBrakes Stailless Steel Brake lines
-Stoptech Slotted and Dimpled Rotors
-CarboTech XP10(front) XP8(rear) brake pads
-J's Racing Super Taikyu Chrome-moly Long Lug Nuts
-ARP Extended Studs
-949 racing Valve Stems (X2 per wheel)
-J's Racing Front and Rear tow hooks
-J's Racing front grill
-Custom Rogue Carbon Crowl Intake Scoop
-F1 Spec Type 3 Carbon Kevlar racing seat
-F1 Spec Type 2 Carbon Kevlar racing seat (for my larger passengers/ instructors)
-Nagisa Seat Rails (driver)
-Wedge Engineering seat bracket (passenger)
-Takata 6 Point Harnesses
-Skunk2 Pro C Coilovers with custom spring rates 12k front 10k rear
-PowerGrid custom Endlinks
-Alignment; Front = Camber -3.0° Toe = 0°
Rear = Camber -1.8° Toe = +0.17°
-Xenon Depot Bi Xenons HIDs 6500k and 3000k fogs
-Headlight Armor GT Racing Yellow Fog light covers
-J's Racing rear racing banner
-Rear wiper and motor delete
-all seat belts are removed and motors
-odyssey pc680 Battery
-Password JDM battery relocation kit
-All sound deadening has been removed from my car with dry ice, numatic chissel, and fire
-Nardi Torino Deep Corn 330mm steering wheel
-MER Custom 8 Point, tig welded cage
-The entire interior has been repainted to OEM Storm Silver Metalic after the cage installation
-Progress anti swap bar
-JDM Honda Access OEM Window Visors
-ALLVIEW Racers Mirror
-Longacre Mirror Bracket
-DIY carbon fiber stereo delete
-Mobil 1 synthetic 5w30
-GM syncromech friction modified tranny fluid
-ATE super blue brake fluid
-ATE super blue clutch fluid
-OEM Honda Coolant
-Red Line WaterWetter
-I/O Port Camera Mount

Chassis has 90,000 miles on it (stock odometer is still recording mileage)
K20A Type R engine has 35,000 miles on it.

Build Threads:

FitFreak.net (most up to date and current)



A few pics:

front brakes (pics were taken right after install, everything is clean and dust free)

rear brakes

JCrim's K20A Type R Fit Dyno (untuned) - YouTube

JCrim's K20A Type R Honda Fit GD3 - YouTube


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looking to get 16.5K OBO. I will also include the oem stock motor, tranny, and everything else stock that came out of the engine bay. let me know! Killer deal.


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Because people couldn't find the youtube link at the bottom of the listing.

213.47 WHP 164.11 TQ (Untuned/ street tune)
Last known weight: 2259lbs (without driver)

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Just curious: What are the harnesses secured to? Why didn't you fasten them to the harness cross bar?? Why did you cross the harnesses?
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Just curious: What are the harnesses secured to? Why didn't you fasten them to the harness cross bar?? Why did you cross the harnesses?
In before the "harnesses will stretch" debate.

The shoulders are anchored/ incorporated to the cage as well as the lap belt. The other 2 submarine points are anchored to the floor where they were reinforced with 6" steel squares just as each point of the cage.

Please research the harness brand and how they are safe and were required in Formula 1 because of their quality.

The crossing of the shoulder straps is by the installation instructions. This is also very common with other long straps.

I feel like you are looking for an answer like: "To get that JDM look YO!" but please separate my name from your typical ricer stereotype. Yes, the car is a japanese inspired track car. As a template, I have turned towards and researched very big Japanese tuners who have perfected this build to help incorporate their design into my build.

If I have taken your comment the wrong way, I deeply apologize. Thank you for your safety concerns.
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I was also wondering about the harnesses. It just looks like they might put a crushing force into the seat back. Might it be safer to run the straps over that cage bar straight back from the seat holes? And then down to the floor? Or just secure them to the cage? Definately not trying to pick on you or anything. I love this car and think it's very cool. Kind of reminds me of the Odyssey that was in the One Lap this year, only smaller. I'm sorry you have to sell it and hope you find a good new home for it.


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Aaahhh, in that last interior pic above it doesn't look like it. But in the first interior pic further up it looks like it. Confused me. Sorry.


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Aaahhh, in that last interior pic above it doesn't look like it. But in the first interior pic further up it looks like it. Confused me. Sorry.
yeah that last one was taken the day I got my car back from getting caged, i primed the cage and didn't want the harnesses to touch anything.

Feel free to make me offers guys!


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Guys, I'm willing to work with you on the price of the car, if you are seriously interested. Message me! The fit needs a good home!


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Excellent HPDE/ Track car. With a little money towards more safety equipment, this car can shine in Honda Challenge. Would be awesome to see!


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Found some pics that I wanted to share. She needs a good home!

Kinda dirty but showing off those 225/45/15s on my 15X9

About to make the tripple pass!