FS: 1988 Mustang GT Convertible (Maroon/Peanut Butter)


Dad has decided it has to go. Just purchased a new sedan and needs to make room for it in the drive way. He hates to see this one go, because he had ideas for it, but time just hasn't come around for it.

The motor is completely stock minus the headers, has stock air box, and a flex fan, and is still speed density. Needs a new top, it has a '91 top frame on it. The missing rear seats will be included at time of purchase. Car was involved in an accident, and needs a new fender which we also have, same maroon color but has a few scratches. It could also use a new header panel (which we do not have).

As far as we know car lived in Florida for the first half of its life, then made its way to Indiana. It has no rust on the chassis as far as I've seen, and the car is very solid for being a Fox Convertible. It has seen a winter season or two, but always got washed to keep salt away. Car starts and runs great, is very healthy, and burns very little to no oil.

Oil dipstick broke off when trying to pull it out of the block to install the headers, but we have another one to replace it. Also needs new head lights/corners.

3.73 Rear Gears
K&N Drop In
FRPP Headers
Mac Off-Road X-Pipe
Mac Cat-Back
Shift kit (not sure what kind was installed by previous owner)
83-86 Tail Lights

Included with vehicle:
RF Fender
rear seats
Convertible Top Boot
Stall Converter (I believe either a 2800 or 3000)

Asking price is $1500, mostly because of the mods/included parts.

http://s169.photobucket.com/albums/u204/flordford/1988 Mustang GT Convertible/

start/idle video: