Ford Focus vs Mazda speed 3


Cuban Carlos
i wasn't referring to the Focus ST, i was talking about the European Focus RS.

MS3 topspped 156

Focus RS topspeed 163

The 2013 MS3 is a 263hp engine, the 2010 Focus RS has 305hp.

One of the best sport compact cars in the world right now is the RS, and it's not available in North America, but it's made by an American car company. What other reason can you give as to why Ford didn't release it in the U.S.? The Focus RS has won more than 40 WRC championships since 1999, it is a very competitive car, and a very popular car throughout the rest of the world, but the American car manufacturer won't release it in America? It has also been proven that the American Focus SVT consistently produces better SCCA autocross times than a Cobra mustang. The Mustang will murder it on the drag strip, but in the corners a Cobra can't touch a Focus.

2008 Shelby Mustang 1/4 mile time 13.8

2009 Focus RS 1/4 mile time 13.77

Why again didn't Ford release the car in the U.S.?

Look, I like Mustangs, but I have always wondered why Ford didn't release one of it's Flagship cars in the U.S.
You do realize that shelby they are referencing is not the supercharged one and a covertible. Its a 08 GT mustang with Shelby exterior bits. Idiot. Great the focus RS outhandles a cobra. Big fucking whoop. Its not that hard to do. Want me to piss you off? How does it sack up against a Coballt SS/TC? People that buy mustangs would never have a thought of "maybe I should have bought the Focus". Two different groups of buyers. Hell the New 2011 V6 mustang is just as quick in the 1/4 and cost less!!
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