For sale or trade; Cabellers tools

Discussion in 'Texas' started by 91cavgt, Oct 6, 2009.

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    I've got a few cabling tools that I used to use at my old job that are just collecting dust now.

    Harris D914 punch down tool with 2 blades

    AUGAT LRC RG6 and RG59 snap n seal tool with built in stripper

    Brand new bag of 50 RG6 snap n seals

    Partial bag of about 20 snap n seals

    One 4 position break out box with 4 jacks and several blank plugs

    Several coax attenuators;
    One 20 db attenuator
    Two 16 db attenuators
    Five 10 db attenuators
    Eight 6 db attenuators
    Five 3 db attenuators

    Approximately 40 coax security sleeves as well as the coax security tool. These go on the ends of coax cable and prevent removal of the coax cable unless you've got the security tool.

    Two DSV90 Satellite inline passive amplifiers

    17 passive channel blockers, unsure of what channels each one blocks.

    Several coax splitters and couplers.

    $150 obo for everything or trade for a 120 volt emergency generator or a really good battery charger.