Evolution Performance: First 2011 Mustang GT in the 11's.


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Jesus Christ, is this high school? I am going to add something here. When I had my 02 GT I had my buddy sit in the back seat, he is 250lbs and 6'1" and I asked him how it was and he said it was surprisingly comfortable. I believe Fast F150. For those calling the bullshit what makes YOU the law? And Tyler insurance does base rate on TYPE of car. If YOU had a clue you would ALSO know that. At least here in Canada they do. A V8 5 speed GT Mustang is more to insure then a V6 Mustang of the same yeah, yeah because at a time I had owned BOTH, and the GT was over $200 a year more to insure. Get out of high school people. I do hope once I get myself back on track(lost my job had to sell my Stangs) I hope to pick up a C5 Vette. I am not here to bash I am just stating that calling out what people say makes you no better then the person you are accusing of lying. Go ahead bash me all you want that is fine. If you want I can call my insurance company tomorrow and get a quote on a 2004 Z06. I was paying $2000 a year for my GT. Thank you and have a nice day