Everyone in OK OK?

Skinny Will

brandon has checked in, he's fine.
and although she doesn't post anymore, tori is okay as well. that's as far as i know.


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Me and a friend are headed up there Friday to assist in any help we can. Will most likely have a camper and some heavy equipment to help out.


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me and nightthrone are good. i worked with some people to get donations. was able to get $200 worth of water and powerade and Bar-S donated about $100 worth of hot dogs. the hot dogs went up this morning with some soldiers on their way up there to help and the rest went up this afternoon. our local radio station, Z94(94.1), was taking the donations that i dropped off. after i dropped off my stuff i stayed and help load more donations. they were able to fill 3 standard moving trucks and a larger moover box.