Engine light just came on. 05 Mustang GT


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I took it by the shop and they said the code was a camshaft position sensor problem. From what I have read online so far it could be a bad sensor, it could be the alternator going bad, or it could be from the spark plug wires??

My Mustang is stock except for flowmasters. Anyone ever had this problem?

Thanks for your help in advance!



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camshaft sensor problem happened in my exes Neon...it was like $100 part and double that in labor to fix it but made the car run like shit until we got it fixed!!

if its that i would suggest fixing it asap


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<-- had the same problem. Believe it or not, it was a fucking bent flywheel that was triggering it.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of vehicles!!! Constantly having to fix things and constantly wanting more done.


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Well, I guess I will just start replacing stuff till its fixed. I hope its not the alt because they are $360 bux!! F**K that sucks....



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Well, I guess I will just start replacing stuff till its fixed. I hope its not the alt because they are $360 bux!! F**K that sucks....

That is an extremely stupid and possibly expensive way to fix any problem. If you don't know enough about it, take it to someone who does. Otherwise you're gonna be In the same spot next week, but $1000 in the hole.

Typically a dealership will charge around $90 to diagnose a problem. Do that and go from there. If it's something you can easily fix, do it yourself at that point. Don't just throw parts at it.


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I remember I had a ford ranger that had a few cam sensors go out on it, It did run like boo boo until I fixed it for sure. Felt like all the timing was completly pulled out of it...


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There is a TSB on it. Hope this proves that throwing parts is NOT the way to go... ever. The alternator would probably be the last thing you would have replaced since it would have tested good.

From Ford Tech Service:
<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=230>FORD:

</TD><TD>2005-2006 Mustang
2004-2005 F-150
2005-2006 Expedition, F-Super Duty
2006 Explorer
2007 Explorer Sport Trac

</TD></TR><TR><TD width=230>LINCOLN:

</TD><TD>2005-2006 Navigator</TD></TR><TR><TD width=230>MERCURY:

</TD><TD>2006 Mountaineer</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

This article supersedes TSB 06-2-9 to add a production fix date for Expedition and Navagator and service parts updated. ISSUE:

Some 2005-2006 F-Super Duty and Expedition/Navigator vehicles built prior to 12/14/2005 and 2004-2005 F-150 vehicles, equipped with 5.4L 3V engine, and 2005-2006 Mustang GT vehicles, equipped with 4.6L 3V engine, may exhibit a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0340 and/or P0344; or 2006 Explorer 4dr/Mountaineer and 2007 Explorer Sport Trac vehicles equipped with a 4.6L 3V engine may exhibit a DTC P0345 and/or P0349. This may be due to a malfunctioning diode or open phase connection in the generator.

Perform a generator frequency test to diagnose cause of concern. Do not replace the generator unless a frequency test indicates a fault. This TSB provides step-by-step directions for performing a generator frequency test using the WDS oscilloscope function
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was it an as is sale cause if not threaten the dealer with a lemon law hitch an why isn't there some sort of warrenty on a car you just bought if it wasn't a buy here pay here?


I would take it back. You have 30 days to re-neg on a contract in Texas. Tell em to fix it for free or you dont want it.