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I enjoy it lol. I can outrun stock lt1's and stock ls1's after third gear lol. Keep in mind the car I had before this one had a 3.1L that was also stock so I upgraded to warranty. Stock is getting boring though lol. Looking into some things now if only I could sell my bike...... Hey you dont need a mustang, you need a bike!


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I some how don't think it would.
Too bad.

Well if you are going to stick to that price range I recommend going old school. Here is a super sweet deal on a 1964 1/2 restored and in great running condition, numbers matching V8 original 289, $15,700!!!

It would honestly be hard to beat this deal, but there are a few other old school Mustangs to be had for a great price.

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He is going to be using it as a DD, take it from someone who has daily'd older vehicles. Not worth it typically. I also don't suggest your toy as your DD either but plenty of people do it.

I'm holding onto my first suggestion of a new edge 4 valve car.

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Chances are you will need to buy a 7 year old vehicle or newer if you don't want a skyhigh interest rate, if you can even get approved. That means 04+. Not too much in your price range for v8 mustangs other then 04GT's and maybe a Mach1. Most 05+GT's are still over 15k. So just buy a v6, save up and find a crashed 11'GT to swap over.... Or you know you could just do the smart thing and never touch a mustang......:lol:
I know I wish I never did, I have wasted so much money on them. They can hold their own when you consider the year/price factor but they are nothing special and have their quirks. lowered mustangs pretty much all ride like shit over rough roads, but they are a joy on smoother ones. rattles from random shit inside that will bug you.... But at the end of the day you might get hooked into loving such mediocre sports car like many of us. :lol:
Not sure how much this helps but I bought my 07 Mustang GT about 2 weeks ago or so for 14,500 and the car has 61,000 miles on it now. Mint condition, never been wrecked or modded. Black with black leather interior...

That is about what you will get for the price you are looking to pay.. You might can get one that is a year or so newer... Just got to look around and not jump on the first car you see... I turned down and test drove a bunch before I settled on the 07 model..

Performance wise, I love the car.. It doesn't drive too good going slow... It drives like my Toyota Tacoma.. Big, clunky, drives like a tank but in straight lines, the car becomes a rocket... Everything tightens up and the car no longer feels like a tank... You just got to make sure your steering wheel is straight when you floor it...
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If you can find a terminator for 15K I'd stay away from it, all the decent ones are above 20.