EBC or Stop tech


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Thinking of upgrading my brakes and rotors but dont know which to choose so seeing which brand i should go with...any suggestions will be appreciated.


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I've used Stop Tech on my personal cars and we used them on the GT3 Cup Car I crewed for. Never had an issue them them.

Never used anything from EBC.


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Oh, but if it is a track car. Buy the cheapest shit you can from NAPA that has a lifetime warranty. I ended up using those and anytime I got a warp I just traded them in for new ones.

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I had the EBC green stuff and I hated them. They didn't perform any better than a stock pad


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Yes they do. Mostly brake and suspension stuff. You may be thinking of Hawks third gen though. They have a lot of stuff for third and fourth gen f bodies.
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i just put hawk HPS pads up front and back in my ride with new centric rotors. after the install it took a lot of driving to get it back to where it would stop like it did before, and the stock brakes were toast up front. than again i have a 2ton 4dr. now however it stop like it should and likely just as well that or ive gotten used to it, maybe a lil less low speed bite but the hwy bite is just fine. . kns brakes has a good site for hawk packages. look em up on google, saved me a shit ton of money and if you call them they will usually know a couple bucks off the price advertised if you tell em you are on a forum or something that you can recommend them. worked for me. good luck.