Dyno Tune EFI nitrous kit


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I'm getting rid of my Bullitt, so I'm tossing around the idea of selling my nitrous setup. I don't see my self doing much drag racing anymore.

It's a Dyno Tune wet kit. Comes with a 10lb bottle, all braided stainless hoses, WOT switch, upgraded Zex billet aluminum bottle bracket and original bracket, relay, NOS pressure gauge with adapter, fuel distribution block. You'll need a little wire and some connectors to fit the WOT and arming switches. 150hp solenoids, jets to run 75hp, 100hp, 125hp and 150hp (measured at the crank) shots. Both fuel and n2o jets for each hp rating. The kit is meant for a '99-04 Mustang GT (2 valve or 4 valve; it doesn't matter). With a new fuel tap and maybe different jets it'll work with most any EFI application.

Link to the original kit:

The tank is still mostly full; I've got two passes down the 1/8th mile since last filling it up.

I'm looking to get $350 out of it, plus shipping. I may be interested in a trade for a decent bass guitar. Preferably something fretless. Maybe a nice Ibanez or Fender Jazz bass?