Detroit Cobras

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by mmadden55, Apr 30, 2009.

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    One of my favorite bands the Detroit Cobras are coming through in May the 30 at Rudyards in Houston and they will be at EMOs in Austin May 29th. They have a lead singer Rachel Nagy that sounds like Patsy Cline and they play old 50's and 60's Rock tunes but not ones you are likely to know. So go see em if you are in Houston or Austin good times to be had!:thumbsup: Here is a discription from the Rudyards site.

    The picture has Rachel Nagy on the left Maribel Ramirez (lead Guitar)

    [​IMG]Detroit Cobras - (Detroit, MI) "The Detroit Cobras have hit upon a magic formula: record old songs that hardly anybody knows and then sit back while the world jacks you off for being so damn cool." Bust Magazine
    "Baby boasts the bands signature garage rock style, complete with vocals from the always-seductive Rachel Nagy." Venus Magazine
    "Baby is a really fun album -- one that will get you dancing and drinking and misbehaving, or at least thinking about it." Splendid Magazine
    "There's retro, and there's old-fashioned gut-busting rock and roll. The Cobras, our greatest current party band, define the latter category. Singer Rachel Nagy has Patsy Clines pipes and Courtney Loves attitude. The band is raucous and raw. The songs are saucy classics. Hot damn!" Tim Mohr, Playboy
    "If Iggy Pop, Berry Gordy, and Jackie DeShannon fornicated in the back seat of a 63 Thunderbird, the drunken, swaggering Detroit Cobras would slither from the orgiastic rendezvous. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat), the lone original, is a bouncy sleaze-garage number laced with sexual double entendres, proving the Cobras can step up to the plate with equal horniness." Magnet Magazine