Desktop computer issues


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Ive got this desktop computer that is now just collecting dust.
Was having a very aggravating problem with it back when it was my only computer.

Tower is a HP m9005f

Just tonight i pulled the tower, my monitor, a mouse and a keyboard out and plugged it all in to see if it would fire up.
Having the same issue.

Tower powers on but that is in.
All of the fans power up and spin at the high rpm they usually do at first start up but they never kick down to the normal operating speed.
My monitor doesnt receive anything from the computer, it will not produce a picture from the computer.
Ive got a wireless keyboard, the receiver has a blue LED indicator light.
When i am experiencing this problem, the LED does not shut off.
When the computer works as it should the LED light will power up when the computer powers up and then eventually shuts off, usually around the same time the fans slow down.

Any ideas so far?

Back when i used this computer, this problem was inconsistent.
Sometimes this would happen, sometimes it would not.
Only way to shut the damn thing down is to hold down the power button
or to simply unplug it.

The monitor works, Ive tested it on our laptop and my now current Dell XPS desktop.

Ive wiggled and jiggled wires, ive checked connections with the hard drive, ive checked connections all over the motherboard. Everything seems to be seated and plugged in as tight as they can be.

As soon as my camera gets a good charge on the battery i'll take a video of me turning the computer on and get it posted up.

Thanks a bunch if anyone can help me or make any suggestions.


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Got er all figured out lastnight.

Must of been a poorly seated stick of ram.