Debate on for next year!


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So apparently people think I have been scared off, this is not true. I have taken a lot of shit from people on here but not enough to scare me away. I have been debating on whether or not rkc will ever get up in running here or whether its worth it. Most people have bailed and others just want to chill and not be apart of anything. Which I understand completely.

I want things to work here but it's the simple fact that it has to be started ground up again and the name ricekiller has to bounce back. Most people laugh at the name it's self here, to much negative attitudes here.

If anyone wants to help out and be my staff then by all means run it by me. But this needs to be a group thing, all great leaders had help and right hand men.


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Stop inciting drama and just go out there and kill it for RKC. Haters = motivators.


You know what?

Let me know the nearest airport to the city you are getting the meets started in. We can go from there.

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You know what?

Let me know the nearest airport to the city you are getting the meets started in. We can go from there.
The airport is less than 10 minutes from where they were meeting. I know I don't have a dog in this fight but looking at it through someone elses eyes I don't see where sitting in a parking lot will help get the word out. Having meets is great but you have to get out there and get to know people. I have been to a Rice Killer Meet. I have also been at Turfway a few times. It's mostly the same crew. Nice people but I have never seen any of them around other car stuff that goes on around here. Myself as well as many others in the Scroungers Car Club visit other car meets, car shows and cruise ins. Even some that don't really apply to our type of cars. We go to other clubs meetings and hang out with other car clubs. The people we meet become aware of who we are as a club and what we do. We also talk online to other car people the same way I am doing here. We get a lot of people outside our club that does stuff with us because of this. Many of these people outside our club have become very close friends with me and others in the club by doing this. I have posted a few runs, party's or meets on here and have yet to see anyone show up. It doesn't bother me but if you want to get the name out there you have to get out there yourself.

It was said on here one time that the car hobby in this area was almost dead. That's not true. There are so many car clubs I could not even start to name them all off. There is a cruise in or car show every day of the week around the Tri State area. The car scene is so heavy in this area if you are just sitting in a parking lot, with a few cars you won't get any attention from other car people. Even the lot they sit in is off the main road. No one can see them. Unless you are told they are there you don't know. No one cruises down that road.

I think the lady running RKC here would do well if she had a little help. Because of all the crap that went on before I think even the core of the crew she ran with before wants no part of this. If they find out what it's about and all the drama stops I think they will be back.

Not trying to get anything stirred up, just trying to help. I know it doesn't seem like that way to some but I have always thought RKC would do very well here. It just needs help to get started and the mind set to look beyond just a parking lot.


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The area scene has again changed slightly, at least in my realm of things, folks are a bit calmer, some are more about quality etc. should be an interesting year.