Can you recommend an air buffer / polisher


Can anyone recommend a good air buffer/polisher? Or at least what to look for in one?

I'd like to use to buff out scratches, swirl marks, etc. I do not do any body work or paint. I do have two black cars that show all imperfections.

I'm looking for something with about a 6" wheel.


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i use a corded dewalt variable speed buffer with 3m double sided 100% wool pad at work. although the variable speed is a bit more difficult to use, i wouldnt recommend just picking one up and starting to work on a car with it.


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Check out they have alot of porter cable buffers. They even have whole packages you can buy. With a little elbow grease you can achieve great results.

If you do decide to go with a dewalt variable speed. To get the hang of it start of slow (800-1200rpms) to get the hang of it. Most defiantly watch any edges. With the aggressive compound and a wool wheel. You will more than likely burn through the clear. But even then there is way more to it.

Hope I helped.
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Didn't we have like a Tropicare or something long those lines sponsor that sold and manufactured detailing stuff?


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Tropicare became ShowroomFX. Steve Pasztor is the owner and a damn good guy. I highly recommend him and his products:

He also sells buffing packages with rotary tools, pads, and compounds all together.


These are all electrical. Is electrical the way to go instead of pneumatic?

And thanks for the warnings. I understand buffing isn't something you can just pick up and do well immediately. I have some old parts i can practice on first.

I have done some casual reading on it in the past. I will be doing some more reading on it before getting to work on something I care about.


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Are DA polisher safe enough to jump right into something I care about? Or should I practice first?

I'm a reasonably careful person. . . And I would rather not waste product practicing if it's unnecessary.