Camaro Rear Bumper, Front Chin Spoiler, Rear Rim and Grille

Currently have a rear bumper cover from an 87 Burgundy IROC-Z. The Tune Port badge is gone from age but the paint probably needs to be redone. It has the pin striping right above the gfx portion. $45 plus shipping.

Also have a red front chin spoiler. There's a chunk of paint missing the size of a quarter but I would still give it an A-. It's currently warped for shipment. Just apply heat and it will be good to go. $80 plus shipping.

Gots a Rear Machined White '91-'92 Z28 rim that's in okay shape, I'd say 8:10. $55 plus Shipping.

And finally an IROC-Z grille with "CAMARO" on the front. It's in decent shape part wise but paint will have to be stripped and redone. $40 plus shipping or I can strip it and repaint for an extra $25.

Photos of everything I've for sale.

If you don't like the price, feel free to make an offer, worst I can say is no thanks.