Bike Accident at 140 MPH

Mr. Turtle

Big WarS

Says 140 I don't know if he was actually going that fast I doubt it but he survived.. Could of been avoided I guess he was more interested at looking around


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Read elsewhere that he survived and it definitely doesn't look like 140

He is alive.

RKC Bot picked this up actually a couple days ago and linked it back to Reddit. The owner of the Mazda said the last he heard the biker had survived.


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cant the speed be calculated from the road markings? Or aren't they at known regular intervals?

the sound change as he flies down the road is forceful isn't it?


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Looks like maybe 100-110ish. He came up on that car kinda quick but assuming the madza was doing like 60? That would only put the closing speed at 50ish mph