ATV,ORV, etc.


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Quad is looking sick man!

I'm heading to Gordons Well tomorrow night. Should have some new pics/vids by Monday :twisted:


where the pic's man!!!?

and thanks. i have been sinking every spare dime of my play money in these thing's. i just took the engine back out of the blue one to install a full overide transmission, port match the cases and port the cylinders even further.

should be pushing 120rwhp this time. 100 just wasn't enough.


Drives in circles
Didn't get many pics this year, my old sand filled camera finally gave up the ghost.

A snap of a few who got cought in a witches eye

It was a blast as always and I got to drive one of the bigger ones for a bit this year. The thing was pretty damn quick. I have more fun tearing it up in the pilots though. You can really toss them around and if you break it you won't feel as bad :lol:
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Very nice jason!! Although i liked the other front you had better then this one... So summer is gonna ride that?? Better hang on to her if so!! haha


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^ sweet
I just got back from river run this weekend in Jacksonville, Tx.

-98 CR250R
-05 Raptor 660R


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Just recently got my Fiance into riding.
She has been out a few times, i cant keep her off of my 700. LOL

Here is our 700 and a 400 that i recently sold. Both KFX's.
Shopping for another 700 as soon as i can get enough cash saved up.
Been putting all my extra money into the Chevelle.