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Nice setup. I understand man. At least you know now hwat to expect if you ever purchase one.
Thanks. Overall the tank turned out well. Just not well enough for me to have confidence in its ability to hold water.

The gecko has spent the last couple days hiding out in the moss. He poked his head out last night, but otherwise he's been well-hidden. Hopefully he acclimates to his new home soon so I didn't go through all of this trouble to have a box of moss with a stick in it sitting on my desk.


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I still need another tank..Im just picky and dont want anything under 150 gallons. LOL


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I picked up a new desktop tank last month for a Betta.

It's a Fluval Spec V. Aside from the pump being dead right out of the box, I like it.

I moved the gecko into a 10 gallon tank set up vertically to give him a bit more climbing space. Funny thing - when I had him in the plexi tank I built, he spent 99% of his time in the top corner. Now I got him a taller tank and he spends 99% of his time on the fucking gravel. Little bastard.