An old n00b...


I'm "well seasoned" and actually made my first post on the internet on June 3, 1982 (USENET post). The oldest post of mine I can still find via Google is from almost a year later, in March of '83.

I'm an old fart (born in 1946) and have been around - and worked on - a lot of cars in my time.

These days I let others do the work for me, for the most part, but I'm not beyond offering up some helpful hints or sharp criticism...

You may have run across me in several other places on the web, but probably most connected to my being here on Ricekiller is that I'm a mod over at, and an enthusiast. :wavy:

My two cars are both Scions (an xA and an xB) and that is Vanilla, my xB, on a rainy night in my avatar.

Just for chuckles, here's what I have owned over the years...

1955 Chevy 210 2 door (green)
1964 MG 1100 Sport Sedan (black)
1964 MG 1100 Sport Sedan (red)
1964 MG 1100 Sport Sedan (grey)
1966 Volvo 122S 4 door (red)
1969 Plymouth Barracuda (first new car) (light olive*)
1958 Porsche Speedster (silver*)
1971 Volvo 142E 2 door (bronze*)
1972 Honda Z600 2 door (olive)
1972 Volvo 164E 4 door (white)
1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 2 door (pale blue)
1974 Honda Civic Wagon (gold*)
1975 Toyota Land Crusier 4 door (green/white)
1975 Honda Civic 2 door (red)
1977 Toyota Land Cruiser 4 door (torquoise/white)
1979 Honda Accord hatchback (blue*)
1979 Toyota Land Cruiser 4 door (green/white)
1979 Toyota Land Cruiser 4 door (torquoise/white)
1981 Toyota Land Cruiser 4 door (white)
1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am (blue*)
1984 Jeep Cherokee 2 door (blue*)
1984 Honda CRX (red/silver*)
1986 Jeep Cherokee 4 door (blue*)
1991 Ford Explorer 4 door (white)
1989 Ford Escort Pony (silver*)
1990 Ford Tempo GL (red)
2002 Ford Focus XR3 (yellow)
2005 Scion xB (white)
2006 Scion xA (red*)

That enough for right now, for those of you still awake.

Take care,


P.S. Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Ages and ages ago I actually lived in Ft. Worth for a couple of years while I was in the service. :)
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Thanks, guys!

Here's what started the list off in the early '60s...

It's funny, but some of those vehicles on the list I'm happy to never see again, others I wish I still had. The ol' '55 was one on the list I wish I still had. :)
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wow how can you remember all of those cars?
I guess that may be one of the things that separates someone who's into cars from the rest of the folks. To me, each of those cars was an individual with a personality, and was memorable to me in some way.

Some were very "high maintenance" (the Chevy, the MGs, the Porsche, the '72 Volvo, the Accord, the '86 Jeep, and the Ford Escort). :cussing:

Others were just great cars, and were happy as long as they had fresh oil, filters, gas, and plugs (the Barracuda, the '71 Volvo, all the Land Cruisers, the '84 Jeep, and both Scions). :hug:

Some of them had pet names, many of them did not, some were highly modified or personalized, many were not, some were VERY memorable for various external reasons.

Usually I had two or three if them at any one time.

See! Even now, just your asking a question about them brought back individual memories and feelings about many of them.

Bottom line, I guess, is that to some, cars are just machines used for transportation and nothing more (except maybe an expense). To others, though, they can be more.

I think the world of those folks where things are noticed is a lot more colorful, involving, and fun than those who never really interact with what is around them.
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Well, since this nearly prehistoric thread was first posted, there have been two more cars added to the list.

Just for completeness, here are the last four on the list as of today...


frakkin toaster

...pop the hood!
just saw this site was back up...

nice list of cars.

thought about starting a new thread for those who bought other cars while this forum was down lol