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351w foxbody
nose heavy yes in a fox, but will be worth it, a built non stroked bb will last longer than a stroked sb usually... less mass to move around in a certain space area. i have see guys run 600 hp easy on a good built 429-460 bb. and there are kits avail at summt or jegs... i have a stroked windsor, but i will soon have a bb ford in a fox. just will need suspension upgrades to be hooked good usually


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There is a replacement for displacement... boost.

Sure, throw the same boost at a big block and it'll make more in the end. But, you'll run out of gas before you get to the race.


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It's a law of physics equally undeniable as gravity: THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT
As much as I hate it, Hal is right, I mean it's not physics and I won't get into it with you why it's not, but more cubes means more power.

Yeah I'm behind the times!!! LOL All the Big Cubic inch motors (AKA BIG BLOCKS) are still beating your Favorite Small modern LS engines AND the Small Import motors too! Steve get a life Dude and a clue! If I were to build a 496 Turbo OR a 500 shot!! You kids would shut your mouth! Right now my cash is going to my son @ OSU when He Graduates I will have a Big Cubic Inch motor. Put that in your Ass and smoke it!
The LSX 510 C.I. is probably the absolute pinnacle of street performance, and it's a small block. By pinnacle I mean it's a well rounded motor, small and light so it doesn't off the balance on the car. Is fairly well mannered for the amount of power it is capable of putting down and can be used in a DD or quasi-DD car.

Did you Fail to see the Fastest Street Car in the WORLD STEVE?? If you did here's a reminder!!! I guess He's behind the Times Too... Smart Ass.
Ok, now let's get technical. Larry Larson runs a 565 C.I. BBC. He crams it in a 66 Nova so he can get away with running a race motor on the street. He gets to skip any emissions standards that were not in place in 1966...Being he is from Missouri, there are no restrictions on any car before 1968. Had he tried this in the same car in California (or the 13 other states using the "piggy-back" provision), the car would not of passed as they have a special waiver granting them the right to regulate cars as far back as 1966. Granted he would of probably just put it in a 1965 or older car and done the same but that doesn't change the fact that he uses a technicality to run a full on race motor on the street.

EDIT: Bah, almost forgot why I hit the reply button in the first place. As I see it you have two options with this motor, an absolute straight line monster of a fox body or you could drop it in some 60's model Ford tank...The Fairlane GTA used a 390 and there was a Ford Fairlane 427, an extra 33-70 C.I. could do a regular Fairlane pretty well. You could also consider a second or third gen Galaxie. Then there is always the option of popping it into an old Mustang, nothing sounds more fitting than a mid to late 60's Mustang Fastback with a BBF under the hood.

A solid rebuild with some basic performance mods could have sitting pretty with low to mid 400whp all day and for years to come in whatever you put it in. A touch more and you would see 500whp and God knows how much torque as this was one of the motors Ford made for pulling and not going fast originally. Whatever it goes in, make sure it get's painted the right shade of blue :D
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