2016 VW GTI S Mk7 Upgrades


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I just recently purchased a VW GTI S Mk7 and I am in love with the car. I just have a few questions about the car and it's abilities to other owners.
  1. The car has a PSI gauge that goes up to 36.4 PSI of boost whenever I put my foot down. Is this gauge correct or is it just for show and should I get a real one installed?
  2. I looked up the specs of the car and noticed the back pressure from the turbo has a release valve for it's boost control. Can this valve be replaced with a subaru STI blow off valve or something similar to it?
  3. The person who owned the car before me blew the door speakers hard and I am looking at replacing them ASAP. Any suggestions?
Is there anything I should know to watch out for with this car that isn't normal with a N/A car? I plan on starting to join meet ups and getting this car in top shape for sprint races and drags and hope to have it at 100% soon. Any tips are helpful.