1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse


Selling Hondas for gas $$
Have a titled TEXAS 97 Eclipse GS.

Clean body. Rust free. Blue.
Has aftermarket side skirts, rear and front (front isn't painted)
No hood (it was sliced to fit a supercharger under the hood - I think i still have it if you would want it...?)
GT Factory vertical doors.
Lowered Suspension.
The interior is in disassembly but it is all there. EXCEPT both front seats.
5spd Transmission with Godspeed short shifter(420a).
There is a motor, but it is in pieces.
I also have a new set of 19" Momos (no tires)

Asking $2200 for both the rims and the car.
Otherwise : Rims $500 and car $2,000.
I will post pictures holefully by tomorrow (4/29/2010).
This car was a project car. I sold the motor and now have lost my desire to build it ... again.

I have a (top mount) turbo header for a ka24de... make an offer.
Also a T4 turbo and a BOV - don't remember the name... possibly godspeed? All three parts are brand new, never used!!

Chevy Cavalier Full body kit (AIT - fiberglass) Asking $220/obo
http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/pts/1715003720.html << Pics!

Have a RARE Greddy Piggyback useg4-f40t04
Preprogrammed for ANY HONDA, ACURA or ISUZU (*obd1, obd2)
Ideal for turbo applications
2ft Pigtail - never been spliced
Software is available for download for free online (or I can download it for you to a disc). ASKING $100/obo

Set of 3 : Chrome 18" TSW rib rims... LIKE BRAND NEW!! $500/obo

Also got some random honda parts... and a Texas 95? Civic which is only good for a rear body cut. I have pulled the motor and tranny. Just some basic body parts and some interior parts left. AND I have a 1st gen Laser and a 1st gen Talon, both good for parts. Send me with your needs and hopefull i'll hook you up. Just spring cleaning guys -HELP ME CLEAN UP my garage/s....

WTT ? : I need a passenger fender for a 1998 Accord.
A windshield for a 1990 240sx.

PM or email: [email protected]


Selling Hondas for gas $$
A buddy of mine (his girlfriend) wants a copy cat of the "fast and the furious"... we'll see how this blows over... *sigh*