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The sky had reoccurring diarrhea right in my neck of the woods! I got 18-20+ inches of pure powder!

Waiting patiently the night before



Troy S

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Nice we got about 15 here in blaine.

Looks like fun. Fun I can't have till next winter.


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I need to go north and get my sleds. anyone know how much came down in the alexandria area?


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I'd love too, But I have a bunch of crap to get done sat, we are hoping to make it to Shanghai in the evening.


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I can't ride Sat. How about Sunday? Models are showing a possible big storm again Sunday/Monday of 10"+!!!


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Def was fun! Cant wait to get my 800 up and running. It has way better skis so my sled wont turn into a submarine lol. Thanks again for having me out Henry!