1/8 mile times


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well i may meet u at redline. and i dont think i will break a new fastest time i havent been to track since beginnign summer hahaha

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im hopefully doing gears in the next 4-6 weeks if i get the time and money... it should help alot, im doing one wheel wonders and 2.73 gears dont help my low end :?

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willieswonka06 said:
an economy car. made my acura.
A car that weighs between 2500-2700 depending on options etc..

and has 1.8 dohc vtec motor redline is 8,100 rpm

MAKES power and torque all the WAY to redline does not drop off :)

Has a gear ratio i believe of around 4.44 final

the type r i think has 4.60 to 5.13 final depending