08 Pontiac G8 GT


I am a fucking troll
2008 Pontiac G8 GT, 6.0L V8. Second owner. Just rolled over 80k miles.

Would like to get rid of this before winter. Otherwise I store it and wait until spring, maybe keep it.

- Vararam intake
- Doug Thorley Tri-Y headers (catless)
- DDM tuning HID headlights (55w 8k)
- Magnaflow Catback
- H&R Springs
- Tune by CJTunes (Carl)
- 20% tint
- Camaro 20s
- 19" GT Sport Wheels w/ Potenzas

The Good-
- Fresh "custom" paint on the front end. Lower grill was painted to match the rest of the car. Also had dings/scratches done on the rear bumper and throughout the car.
- Color matched door handles.
- New radiator (see below)
- New "redesigned" control arms (old ones are prone to failing)
- Dyno'd at 341hp/339tq before I made some changes

The Bad-
-The car has been in at least one accident.

The first being a pedestrian ran in front of my car in traffic demolishing the hood. The hood was replaced and repainted but the body shop didn't do a good job sealing the paint underneath and is now bubbling. Also due to this, the upper radiator hose connection (plastic) was cracked and broke off. Entire radiator was replaced.

Second was the car "fell off" rails in a car wash smashing the front bumper and scraping a bunch of paint off. This was repaired and the rest of the car was touched up during this time.

-It will likely need a new set of control arms again. There is a known issue with the control arms on these cars.

The car has been good to me, I just think I have terrible luck.

Asking $18,000 obo. I will provide all stock parts and the set of 19" wheels and tires with this sale.