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    2011 Nissan Juke SV Turbo - Pics from Dealership

    Here is the new 2011 Nissan Juke SV Turbo. Hope you all enjoy.
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    Free oil-changes for life!

    LOCAL CAR DEALER GIVES AWAY OIL CHANGES FOR LIFE MESQUITE, TX; APRIL 19, 2010: Realizing how important “service after the sale” is to their customers, Trophy Nissan has taken on the task of installing a state-of-the-art QuickLane. This Saturday, April 24th, Trophy Nissan will host the Grand...
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    Trophy Nissan QUICK LUBE now open!

    Get your car's oil changed in 30 minutes or less KEY-TO-KEY or its free. RKC members get the whole thing for $19.99 + Tax We are open until midnight every week-day. We have 95% of all oil filters in stock. This is for regular 5W or 10W motor oil. Great deal, quick and easy. Come on by, and...
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    Now is a GREAT time to buy a new Nissan...

    Hello RKC Now is a great time to get into a new Nissan. We have rebates as high as $5000 on many 09 and 10 models. We also have 0% financing available. For the people out there with great credit, we have payments as low as $189 a month on 3 models. For the people out there with crap credit, we...
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    Terrible Wreck @ Trophy Nissan

    How is this for entertainment? Apparently a woman in a saturn was getting on to Galloway when she had a seizure, blacked out, and laid down on the gas pedal. She flew across a cement median, across 3 lanes of traffic (the wrong way), up a curb, up a cement ramp, through a steel guard rail, 14"...
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    Oil-Change for your Daily - $19.95

    For all RKC Members: Let us change the oil in your daily! We are offering a oil-change special until January 8th for members of RKC. This includes up to 5 quarts of regular motor-oil and a filter. Tax is not included, synthetic, 6th quart and diesels extra. Call for details! Here is the...
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    "Mod Friendly" Dealership

    I know you guys are all over the place, but for DFW members, we have a special deal. If you are having a problem with your nissan that is under factory warranty, and the car is modded, we can still help you. Some dealers will not handle your car if you have changed things, and others will take...
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    We can FINANCE College Grads (With no credit)

    Hey guys, We have a special new program here at Trophy being rolled out by Nissan. Basically, if you have graduated in the last 24 months, or will be graduating in the next 6 months with a associates degree or bachelors degree, you can use your DIPLOMA as you "co-signer". Here is how it...
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    TROPY NISSAN - $6000 in Rebates for Titan, HOLIDAY CASH for all Nissan Trucks & SUV's

    Trophy Nissan is happy to offer this amazing incentive from Nissan! Call or come by today for more info!
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    2010 Nissan GTR - 100% New - $79,994 (Black or Silver)

    Hey guys, we have 2 brand new GTR's here at the dealership! They are both FULLY LOADED with the 2 options :lol: + the Premium Package. We are asking $79,994 for either of them! Please call the dealership (or PM if you are scared!) to discuss...
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    Ready to help RKC Members

    Hello RKC! We have been out to the Monday Night Meets for the last several months since we become a sponsor. We have not been up to speed here on the forums, but that has now been taken care of! We are here to help! We know all to well the concerns and fear of dealing with a car dealership...