1. toyotanos

    Just a slow Supra

    Hello all, My name is Steve and I live in Anoka, MN. For the last 1.5 years, I've been building my 1991 Supra. There's nothing really special here, just a street car that will eventually be 'acceptable' if all goes well. In about 2 weeks time I will be dyno tuning the car, and we'll see if it...
  2. sofakingcool79

    Spark Plugs Toyota Tacoma

    Do you guys go with the dealer brand spark plugs? I know for Toyota they call for those Nippo Denso plugs, I have 2004 Tacoma 3.4L TRD pre-runner and I was wondering if anyone else has ever used NGK's or anything else other than the one's the dealer calls for. On my first Toyota truck (1989...