1. G

    vortech v1 procharger!! need help!!!!!

    i have a 01 cobra saleen that has a vortech v1 procharger and was wondering how can i turn up the boost i have already put a smaller lower pully. but is there any other way to get a few more pounds of boost outta it and does anyone know where i might find a set of 295/35/R18 d.o.t approved drag...
  2. NewSchool

    Mustang ROH Wheels and Tires

    New ROH Wheels and General Exclaim UHP Tires. Polished Lip Black Center. 1K miles on tires. $1100 Fits ford 5 lug. Backspacing setup for 2005+ Mustang but may fit older mustangs with 5 lug. Rims: 18"x9" Tires: 275x45 18" Call Scott @ 817-706-6783