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  1. avsp

    attention rich rkc-ers its that time again, ..., just

    But you've only got 28 hours to sort it. BBC charity telethon-tastic auction of a chance to ride with The Stig (Some say 'Some say, ..., kinda fings about him) Bid currently stands at £5,101 (approx $8,420) Winning bid last year was £15,203 (approx $25,095) but the telethon has generally...
  2. avsp

    Like Albarn/Blur/Gorillaz AND Alan Moore? Good news for your then

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/nov/10/alan-moore-libretto-gorillaz-duo Now this does sound like a great great team up. Hewlett & Moore are both graduates from the 2000ad university of the future whilst Albarn is possibly the canniest mainstream player on the scene at present Either...
  3. avsp

    p n'c timewaster machinarium, ..., oooh goody more Samorost type fingies

    Hope this aint a repost & soz to be late to the party n'that Very classy point & click game fingy http://machinarium.net/demo/ Unfortunately i'll not be able to d/l the full version for any in a similar position & like the look/feel of this & are as yet unfamiliar with previous works using...
  4. avsp

    Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    BBC NEWS | Europe | Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Seems a bit 'previous' to me, he hasnt really done anything yet. On the basis of some of the above the prize should go to the American electorate for voting him in. Its really the Nobel 'not GWB prize' or 'well done! you aint invaded...