1. Luke44

    So this is a thing again?

    Any of the old Colorado heads back?
  2. J

    RKC Monday Night Mega Meet - 10/4/10 - 7pm-10pm

    CLICK THIS LINK. SHARE WITH FRIENDS. RSVP. BE THERE! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164253240258419&ref=mf This is was made possible from donations from RKC MEMBERS. Without you, this would be a fantasy instead of a reality... RKC Monday Night Mega Meet 10/4/10 Gateway Buick GMC...
  3. denali09

    Official Ricekiller Flexfit hats!

    So I ordered plenty of Ricekiller hats and have about 60 of them left Stole these pics from Jared $25 each if picking it up in person (Dallas Monday meets) $26.06 if you pay via paypal and picking up in person $26.06 + $5.09 via paypal with shipping $25 + $4.95 if...
  4. avsp

    Do yourself a favour

    http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126016897 Its all good especially OFYC Showcase, Chino, Weather Report 2 & Bury But perhaps most interesting is the track 'Mexico' which I think references this site specifically & MES was able to do so coz, whilst he lay in hospital on...
  5. J

    VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - RKC to be in a Magazine...

    RKC Members, We have been asked to be in PAS Magazine as a featured website/organization. They are doing a multi-page story on the orgins of RKC, our history, the meets, our sponsors, and our members. They have asked for me to select a handful of "the best" rides on the website to be featured...
  6. M

    RKC Ride of the Month Contest-DECEMBER

    Your car, if picked, will be on the front page of www.ricekiller.com for an entire month! THIS IS A PHOTO CONTEST! Post your BEST PICTURE! Currently, we are taking pictures for "DECEMBER". Here are the rules. RKC ROTM RULES: - Picture must be at least 1000pix Wide! - Picture must be of YOUR...