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    Cars & Cafe' Minnesota - September 2010

    On the RKC Facebook Page - 127 Pics
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    24 Hours of Lemons & Autos in the Park - RKC Photo Coverage

    Coming right up. Took a ton of pics at both events. :thumbsup:
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    ULTRA High-Res Panoramic Shot of Winstar Classic Car Show

    I made this in Photoshop CS4 with 6 photos I shot with my D70S from the 8th floor of a hotel about a 1/4 mile away. Enjoy. Click the yellow bar at the top to see the ENTIRE thing. And this was early, alot more cars rolled in after this pic was taken. Truly an amazing show! Look around in...
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    PICS: Monster Jam - Cowboys Stadium 2010

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    PICS: Cars & Coffee September 09

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    Jared's Camaro SS Restoration Thread!

    Ok, so tomorrow begins my multi stage re-conditioning of my car. I went and got the estimate today and set up the appointment. Not going to be cheap, but the best work never is. Here is a break down of what my car is going to be getting in the next 90 days. I will be driving another car while...