1. A

    new from Dallas

    Hey guys! Just found your site! I have been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I have been working in the automotive field for years now and love the opportunity to work around car all day! I frequent Motorsport Ranch and am a big Road Racing fan. I love anything from Koni and...
  2. BantamBoy32

    Noob from Norman, OK

    Hey guys my name is Zac and i'm from Norman, OK BOOMER SOONER! I have three cars. A 1932 Bantam Roadster-mods-350sbc, powerglide trans, glasspack exhaust, american racing torq thrusts, tractor seats, and racing scoop. A 2001 Mustang v6-mods-flowmaster exhaust, 17' bullit wheels, and a Razzi...