1. HenryAtMotorG

    New East Coast STi Member

    Hi everyone! I love the idea of this forum and loved Jared's explanation of "What is Rice", setting a clear tone for what this site is supposed to be. Looking forward to hanging out here and learning whatever I can from everyone. This is my car, an 07 Subaru STi. Not much in terms of...
  2. montysport94

    Hey! New Guy From Houston!

    Hello! My name is John. Even though I'm only 16, I've been a car enthusiast since birth. (sort of) :brow: Anyways I heard about you guys from my friend Hector (mega_h8). I did some filming for a car club he's involved in (Project M). Filming and editing are my main hobbies besides cars. My...
  3. X

    NOOB from Mesquite

    KzE5-KWcBXo ya i met Jared at Taco Casa with my friend that drives a 78 camaro and he seemed really cool so i thought ill come check this forum out and i think it will be cool but on to me im from mesquite and i drive my 2000 v6 mustang it has reverse indiglo gauges(old video so it didnt have...