1. T

    2006 corvette parts car

    We have a 06 vette parts car ad is on craigslist list. If you nee any parts email me on my site.
  2. must2stang

    Must2stang vs 2000 honda si vtech

    me racing a 2000 honda si vtec with exhaust, CAI, some kind of tune or chip. this vids from earlyer this year. Figured id share it...Short drag track. But its all in fun. Thanks
  3. chase's stang

    1996 gt build

    I've got a 1996 gt with the good ole 4.6L 2v npi motor it puts out about 215ish hp. im wanting to do a pi head swap what all will i need. plus im goin to get a programer some 4:10's and having the auto trans rebuild with a shift kit and stonger clutches and a stallconverter with about a 2500...
  4. dangerous_sep

    Chrome (4)four point roll cage - $300

    like the tittle says ive got a chrome four point bolt in roll cage that came out of my 1990 mustang coupe. was told its a universal cage but fit like a glove in my car. pretty clean im asking $300 OR BEST OFFER! give me a call if interested 469 222 3339 * might fit 95 up mustang coupes and...
  5. M

    Red Mustang Registry

    sorry no promoting other forums...
  6. I

    Iroc-Z or 5.0 stang...biggest bang for the buck.

    I agrue with my friend who has a 5.0 mustang. My question is with car is cheaper to buy stock...and witch one has better mods available? thanks much
  7. B


    pass me on a state inspection? i have tint on my car. i have 5% on the back windows and 20% on the side. i just had the tint put on less than a month ago and i also just found out that 35% is the darkest you can go on the side. if you know anyone or a shop that will pass me in anyway please...
  8. spdngreenbullit

    new from lakewood, wa

    hey whats up guys, my name is Sean. was watching vids on and found this site so i decided to sign up. i live in lakewood, WA and own a 2001 Ford Mustang DHG BULLITT #5357 things done to it are -SCT SF3 tuner -C&L CAI -Spec stage 2 clutch -Rebuilt tranny -hurst short throw...
  9. Hollywood89

    FS Mustang Deep Dish BULLITT Wheels

    I am selling a set of 4 18x9 Deep Dish Bullitt wheels off my 06' GT . Only a few months old . Im getting a set of Saleen wheels . email [email protected] or call/text 214-205-0395 $500
  10. J

    Reed Speed SSE - Spy Pic

    Remember this car? Well... here is the first ever REAL pic of the car... still under construction... but sporting its custom body work, 13" tires and HRE's...
  11. SterlingGT

    might trade mustang for mustang.. or mustang for camaro.. thoughts?

    i have a 03 mustang gt w/ around 80k miles, needs some body work and the 3rd gear synchro is goin out in the manual tranny.. i dont drive it much so i could care less about fixing it, or doin anything to it.. i already did all of the boltons, and had it tuned w/ 3.73s in it.. and its got black...
  12. BantamBoy32

    Noob from Norman, OK

    Hey guys my name is Zac and i'm from Norman, OK BOOMER SOONER! I have three cars. A 1932 Bantam Roadster-mods-350sbc, powerglide trans, glasspack exhaust, american racing torq thrusts, tractor seats, and racing scoop. A 2001 Mustang v6-mods-flowmaster exhaust, 17' bullit wheels, and a Razzi...
  13. NewSchool

    Mustang ROH Wheels and Tires

    New ROH Wheels and General Exclaim UHP Tires. Polished Lip Black Center. 1K miles on tires. $1100 Fits ford 5 lug. Backspacing setup for 2005+ Mustang but may fit older mustangs with 5 lug. Rims: 18"x9" Tires: 275x45 18" Call Scott @ 817-706-6783
  14. Stangcrazygirl

    Engine light just came on. 05 Mustang GT

    I took it by the shop and they said the code was a camshaft position sensor problem. From what I have read online so far it could be a bad sensor, it could be the alternator going bad, or it could be from the spark plug wires?? My Mustang is stock except for flowmasters. Anyone ever had this...
  15. Stangcrazygirl

    I removed some of the chrome and washed it today!

    :) I removed the chrome door handle covers and the chrome tail light trim and 3rd brake light trim. Now I just need to work on the mirror covers and grille. I did find out today that my fog lights have halo lights around them and they will turn on by themselves or with the fog lights also. Very...
  16. Stangcrazygirl

    Chrome 22" Wheels and Tires For Sale!

    Brand "Status" they are 22" deep dish Chrome and flawless.. and the tires look almost new as well. Online they sell new for $1,800 as I have found. I am asking $1,200 obo Thank you. email: [email protected]
  17. Stangcrazygirl

    Hey 05-09 GT owners! Question?

    I just bought a 05 GT 2 days ago. I dont know how to put this but.. when I pull it down or up to shift it in drive or park whatever it feels stiff when I pull on it. lol... Its a auto.. and I may just not be used to driving it yet or do they all feel kinda stiff when you put them into drive...