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  1. S

    Thursday Night Plano Meet- 10/7/10

    Hey guys, i found a temporary meet spot in Plano. It was where i originally had "skinny wills monday night meet" where i know some of yall had been to. like i said, it's temporary but it's a good spot. it's somewhat hidden from the major street of park blvd but it's still easy to access. the...
  2. U

    new chick

    hi, my name's steph, i live in louisiana. i own a 2008 nissan sentra 2.0s. really wanted an se-r but there werent any in stock and i needed a car quickly. so far just cosmetic mods, getting rims in a week (finally!) and coilovers this spring. this car is a 4x4...i already know, plz dont tell...
  3. TBrad

    A sure sign the wheels are falling off the Obama political machine.

  4. Mr. Turtle

    Taxes to Bury The Axis - Donald Duck 1943

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQsOOfU59SM No Fear mongering there.. If you dont save your money for the Taxes and spend it then your helping the AXIS.. Aww the good ole days
  5. Black Thunder

    so i FINALLY got XBox Live...

    ...so feel free to add me! RKC Blak Thunda someone already took Black Thunder so this was what i came up with :D
  6. EchoStatic

    Put flamethrowers on the '68 Grand Prix... So why no fire?

    Does anyone have experience with these? I put a spark plug in each tail pipe about 2" from the exit. I made sure they spark. (They each have their own coil pack.) I rev it up and hit the spark, but no flame. It runs VERY rich, so it seems to me like it should light... So what gives?? Any ideas?
  7. itsMikey

    A Milli Dubstep Remix

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUePmRSzlIg song is sickk..just thought id share for fellow dubstep listeners :thumbsup:
  8. J

    10/2/10 - Saturday Night Car Cruise - REAL DRIVERS only...

    I have permission to bring along 3-5 additional cars. Your car will need to be in good shape, and able to handle very well. No ricers, inexperienced drivers or slow cars allowed. *** There are 10 cars "signed up" for this elsewhere. Lemme know if you are interested.
  9. Dr. Satan

    Atheists and Agnostics know more about religion the the adherents themselves?

    http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheat-sheet/item/atheists-know-more-about-religion/dogma-/?cid=cs:headline14 :brow: How does that happen?
  10. Scroungers CC

    Open Invite

    Just wanted to let any of you guys know that my door is always open. I have a small garage but I don't work on anything untill after 8 pm so I'm in the garage almost all night. There are normally guys hanging out watching hot rod movies or talking smack about who's faster but we all get along...
  11. S

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Alright so the other night i couldnt really sleep, it was like 230 in the morning and i was watching TV when this girl named Crystal texted me "hey whats up?" so we were just texting back and forth for like half an hour when she randomly sends me a text that only says "uuuuuuggghhhh" of course...
  12. dcintegra513

    95 gsr project

    Ok this is my build thread I guess. I payed off my car today and took control of it 9/23/10 So far today I have ordered a jdm 96 spec itr front convo, it has new headkights and front lip. itr shift boot and shift knob recaro grey evo seats jdm sir b16 long block looking for a set of 00 spec...
  13. M3mph1s

    Anyone else into snakes?

    My first snake...way back when...was a wild caught Texas Rat Snake. Mean little fucker for quite a while. He tamed up for the most part, before we passed him along. Just didn't dedicate the time to him that he deserved. A while back, I decided to step back in. I picked up a Brazilian Red...
  14. Bncstereo.com


    BONNIE & CLYDE STEREO INC. 11311 HARRY HINES DALLAS, TX 75229 “Serving the DFW area since 1977”! WE ARE OPEN MONDAY – SATURDAY 9:30 TO 7:00 P.M. PHONE (972) 241-1187/(972) 241-1188 CAR SECUTIRY*AUDIO*VIDEO*WINDOW TINTING*MARINE SYSTEMS We are 12 volt specialists for over 32 years and...
  15. S

    1998 180sx (240sx)

    1993 180sx (240sx) i have been on here a little bit and thought it was about time i started a build thread. how it stands so far: 1993 180sx w/ redtop sr20det Trust T518z turbo kit with larger 10cm housing for higher topend power drift stainless manifold greddy emanage blue management system...
  16. B

    Syborg Twin Turbo

    This guys build is awesome : http://www.syborgtwinturbo.com/ http://syborgtwinturbo.com/gallery/