1. Riotlikebeing

    2016 VW GTI S Mk7 Upgrades

    I just recently purchased a VW GTI S Mk7 and I am in love with the car. I just have a few questions about the car and it's abilities to other owners. The car has a PSI gauge that goes up to 36.4 PSI of boost whenever I put my foot down. Is this gauge correct or is it just for show and should I...
  2. Lolvtec

    Crouching volkswagen, hidden volkswagen

    Took/Had a bunch of photos taken during and after the recent Vw/Audi carshow: Republic of Dubs (I won the People's Choice award!)
  3. Major

    FNG from NC!

    Another F-N-G here. My name is Major, and I just got out of the Marine Corps after 4 years active duty. I still reside in Jacksonville NC and am currently looking to continue my second half of my Civilian life lol. I founf this forums after watching a video that came form here on streetfire...