for sale

  1. inguanzod

    Totaled X-Runner For Sale DFW area

    The most horrible thing happened to my baby, so I am forced to get rid of what's left My XR is in Denton, TX right now. I am asking for $2000, OBO for the whole thing. You would have pay to get it out and transport it back home, i believe it's $400 plus $20 per day starting today 5/11/10 to...
  2. posenheimer

    I unfortunately must sell my GTO :( The asking price is what I owe on her and if someone could just take over payments, that would work for me too... Fonzie can attest to how wonderful this car is, I have kept great care of her, I will miss her greatly.
  3. blacksmith

    F/S 1993 Camaro Z28

    the day is finally here. i've decided to let the Red Devil go. the specs: the good: stock LT1 with 177+ k miles 700r-4 truck transmission rebuilt in 2006 with corvette parts B&M shift kit CAI using Spectre brand filter recently serviced (tune up, new valve covers, differential fluid...